Sunday, June 28, 2009


Is it possible to get inspiration, both when it comes to create art or redecorate our living room from a container? Trash for some - inspiration and art for other people.

Look at the rusty and amazing colours! They give me inspiration to colourwash on one of my walls or on a canvas.
Please find this brief explanation of the technique colourwashing:
To build up translucent layers of colour, one colour on top of the other.
The technique means that one or two thin layers is added on top of a basic background colour to create a translucent, soft rank and colour effect. The thin layers may be shades of the same colour or carefully selected colour combinations. You can both use oil-based or water-based paint. The color on the wall becomes stronger the more layers you paint.
Please try this at home!


  1. Hi Katarina.
    I really like the green container picture.
    Keep'em coming.

  2. Thank you!

    Kind regards,