Sunday, October 24, 2010

Junk transformation

I´ve got this white, rather dull-looking and
out-of-date refrigerator for almost nothing.
My plan when I got it was to paint it turqouis,
to make it a bit fifties looking to match the
rest of my kitchen.
It was important to clean the surfaces so the
result will look like its never has been painted
at home but has its original colour - all dust,
dirt, smoke, grease, food etcetra must be cleaned
off, and I´ve finished it all with some fine
sandpaper, and wiped off the dust from the sandpaper
with a clean damp rag.
First, use a small fine roller and paint a thin layer
of litter kent oil-based primer. Then take several
layers, applied very thinly for each subject with
benga paint or oil-based paint that is very shiny,
I`ve got my local paint store to mix the exact color
I wanted for my refrigerator.

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